NEW MIC: Introducing The Cloud 44 – For That “Old School” Sound!

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Introducing the Cloud 44 Limited Edition Chrome Passive Ribbon Mic

Cloud 44The new Cloud 44 limited edition chrome ribbon mic joins the JRS-34 in Cloud Microphone’s boutique line of ribbon mics and shares a direct connection to the RCA classics, continuing to build upon the work of Harry F. Olson and Jon R. Sank. Sold exclusively at ZenPro Audio, the Cloud 44 limited edition chrome ribbon mic is a beauty to behold in both sight and sound! The internals are modified with a slightly different magnet structure, and each ribbon is tuned to deliver a wide, fat bottom and smooth the top end response; the exact direction we wanted to take it for those seeking a more ?old school? larger than life sound. Mounted up on a boom stand, the new chrome body delivers vibe that takes you straight back in time. The pictures look great, but just don’t do the full chrome finish justice.

As with all Cloud products, the Cloud 44 is manufactured and assembled entirely in the USA.

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