Cloud Microphone’s newest partner… Tooh Dineh and the Navajo Nation.

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Cloud Microphones is proud to announce our partnership with Tooh Dineh and the Navajo Nation, for the manufacturing of our circuit board assemblies. Our commitment to produce all of our world class products right here in the USA led us to our friends in Northern Arizona. Not only has this partnership been beneficial for the quality of our products, but also helps us keep it “local”! Once the circuit boards are assembled at Tooh Dineh’s state of the art facility in Leupp, AZ, they are sent to our headquarters in Tucson for final assembly into the enclosures, which are fabricated locally. Each product is then thoroughly tested and inspected, before being packaged using environmentally friendly materials.

It’s a perfect fit for us here at Cloud, welcome to the family Tooh Dineh!