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pro tools expert review




Pro Tools Expert CL-1 Review

As I am sure you can tell I love this thing.  I love simple little devices like this that help get audio sounding great before I record. “

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CL-Z Tec nominee





Cloudlifter CL-Z

28th Annual Tec Award Nominee

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electronic musician award




Electronic Musician Cloudlifter Review

“You get the impression that this is one of those products where someone had a “Why doesn”t someone make something that moment?” And upon realizing no one did, made it himself.” – Craig Anderton, Sarah Jones, Gino Robair, and Jon Chappell, Electronic Musician, February 1, 2012

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SOS cl-z review

Sound on Sound CL-Z Review

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“All in all, then, the CLZ is an incredibly useful and genuinely worthwhile box for anyone who owns one or more passive ribbon mics, but it also brings out the best in moving-coil dynamic mics too.” – Paul White, SoundOnSound, December 2013


SOS cloudlifter review




Sound on Sound CL-2 Review

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“Difficult to live without once you’ve tried it!” – Paul White, SoundOnSound, November 2011


SOS jrs-34





Sound on Sound JRS-34 and JRS-34p

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If you’re after a hand-built mic that delivers a solid slice of retro sound at a realistic price, then you only have to look at the Clouds.”  Paul White, SoundOnSound, December 2011

“..modern ribbon mics that have all the clarity and robustness of the new ribbon designs but are more like the old ribbons in tone.” – Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Neko Case, Dvotchka), Tape Op Magazine, July/August 2010 

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“This mic does sound like an early RCA ribbon mic.” – Scott Dorsey, Recording Magazine, June 2010

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“It’s simply about gain. The Cloudlifter is a clever and useful solution…”-Rob Tavaglione, ProAudio Review, February 2010

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“The Cloudlifter is a winner. It solves problems some ribbon-mic owners don’t even know they have. It does exactly what it claims to do and does so well.” –Matthew McGlynn, Recording Hacks, February 2010

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“…for recording quiet sources, the Cloudlifter is a winner…” -Rudy Trubitt, Gearwire, September 2010

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