Can I use the Cloudlifter with my condenser microphone?

The Cloud lifter doesn’t pass phantom power. If your condenser microphone provides its own power supply (tube, battery, etc..) connect the Cloudlifter the same way as your passive microphones. If your condenser does not provide a separate power supply, an additional phantom power source must be provided in-between the Cloudlifter and microphone.

I’m not getting a signal

After the Cloudlifter is connected inline between your microphone and pre-amp, make sure your pre-amp’s phantom power is switched on. The Cloudlifter works in conjunction with your existing microphone pre-amp and requires phantom power to operate. However, the Cloudlifter will not pass phantom power to your passive microphone.

I hear a hiss or buzz when my Cloudlifter is connected

Make sure the Cloudlifter is connected properly and phantom power is turned on. Make sure the additional XLR cable (when the Cloudifter is connected) is functioning properly. If the noise persists, contact customer support at

I’m not getting a signal from my Cloud microphone

If you’re using one of our active ribbon microphones, like the Cloud 44-A or active JRS, make sure that your pre-amp’s phantom power is switched on. Our active microphones share the same exact circuitry as the Cloudlifter series. Meaning 48v phantom power is required for proper operation.