Nive Nielsen and the Cloud 44-A

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Ribbon Mic for vocals Cloud 44-A in “V” mode proves just right for “Wrong” by Nive Nielsen. Using the NAMM – TEC Awards nominated Cloud 44-A’s Voice/Music switch to instantly reduce proximity effect, Nive sings LIVE at “Casita Crawl” during the PotLuck Audio Conferencein Tucson, Arizona.

Cloud Microphones hosted an open mic recording session at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort during “Casita Crawl”, in which attendees could observe and participate at Cloud’s casita suite.

Artists performed live while recording on Cloud Mics, while being mixed to CD in real time through a console in the attached suite. Artists then picked up there CD after performing and took it to yet another adjoining room where Michael Dixon of Lathe Cut Records cut vinyl from the audio, right there on the spot! Each performer left with CD and Vinyl recordings of their performances from moments earlier. It was sooooooo much fun!

Mics used:

Cloud 44-A in “V” mode – Vocals
Cloud 44-A in “V” mode – close mic’d steel guitar amp
Cloud 44-A in “M” mode – distant mic’d steel guitar amp
Cloud JRS-34 – rhythm guitar amp
Cloud JRS-34 – lead guitar amp

Nive Nielsen and the Deer Children are currently touring in Europe, so catch one of the shows if you can, you’ll be glad you did.