What the pros have to say…

Jay E. Lee Back Forty (Studio), Bob Dylan, Chick Corea, James Taylor, The Killers, Willie Nelson, John Entwistle (The Who), T-Rex, Jan Hammer, Jerry Goodman, John Prine, Mama s & Pappa s, Doug Kershaw, Devo:

“I’m still in shock over your microphone! As soon as I had the opportunity I set up a good benchmark for it to compete with; A Neumann U47, 67 and a Beyer 500 just for fun. I set up four Stands but while I was putting up the stands and moving cables around, I was distracted by the packaging of your Gem. The Wooden case looked like a fine piece of furnisher. I stopped the set up process, plugged your Cloud in and just played away. When I heard the recorded results I felt foolish. I just put the other microphones away and was at a loss for words. Your microphone was/is light years ahead of any microphone I can recall. Yes, it was that good. Please feel free to use my name and contact any of the engineers and artists I have worked with.”

Engineer/Producer Steve McCabe (Allman Bros., B.B. King, George Clinton, George Jones, Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, Rod Steward, Tower of Power & more):

“I’ve just spent a few weeks with your JRS-34 active mic and I want to say how different it is from any other ribbon mic I’ve used. I’ve used RCA 77’s and 44’s and lately been working with an AEA R-84 in conjunction with your Cloudlifter. The first thing I noticed from the JRS-34 was a big, punchy low end. Not muddy – but loud and clear. Like I’ve never heard from any of my mics. It’s the first active ribbon I’ve used and I wasn’t expecting the sensitivity and dynamic range. It was kind of startling. The classic smooth ribbon top end was there. Easy to brighten up without a trace of harshness. I recorded lots of vocals, trumpet, acoustic and electric guitar. It excelled on everything but for me it really shined when I used it for vocals. Singers who usually don’t ask about gear were asking why the mic sounded so good. Thanks for making such a unique and wonderful sounding instrument.”

“I want to say that your Cloudlifter is such a great product. It clears up the noise and muddiness that I got when I had to crank up my Apogee mic pre while using my AEA R84. I love that it’s phantom powered – simple and easy to use. I’ve been checking it out on acoustic and electric guitars, vocals and drums. Awesome. And it’s especially nice that it’s affordable for the working musician. Thanks.”

Scott Hollingsworth Engineer/Producer Sean Lennon, PT Walklley, The Undersea Poem, If by Yes, Yoko Ono, Team Umizumi

“The cloud microphone has tons of the warmth and character I love about ribbon mics, with a much better noise floor than my vintage RCA 44 s and 77s. It kills on horns and woodwinds, and as a mono drum mic, it really imparts the sound and feel of classic motown and jazz recordings. The super lightweight design allows me to position the mic much more precisely than would be possible with a heavy vintage ribbon mic. And perhaps most importantly, the aesthetics are impeccable- definitely the coolest looking new mic put there.

Mitch Dane, Grammy Award winning Nashville Producer -Nico, Jars of Clay, Sarah Kelly, Bebo Norman, JJ Heller, and many more

“The [Cloud JRS-34] mics are great. I compared them with my [RCA] 44’s and was hard pressed to distinguish between them. Well done!”

“The Cloudlifters are perfect for my vintage ribbons. When I’m recording a soft signal, I get a lot of noise induced from my long cable run. With the Cloudlifter I automatically get tons of gain at the mic so I don’t have to crank the pre. Brilliant!”

Vince Caro, Recording engineer, Pixar Studios

“I’m totally digging what your blue box does for all my ribbons especially
the CF’s. Big Fat and Clean, plus the isolation from 48v is an awesome feature.”

Greg Phelps , Voice Actor

“The sound of this mic is like putting on a nice warm blanket and cuddling up to a fire on a cold day. In my opinion, too many of today s microphones are cold and bright. Cloud has succeeded in building a microphone that is not too bright and not too dark. It s also very smooth. The JRS-34 is also a very quiet microphone. All in all a very nice package.”